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ROBOT 2.0 Release Date Worldwide : 2.0 Since Robot was a big hit on the Indian Box Office, there are now rumors doing the rounds in that its 2nd part is on its way. Robot 2 will hit the box office next year in 2018.
ROBOT 2.0 Release Date Wordwide

Robot 2 Release date Wordlwide is expected to take the experience to the next level in the Indian science-fiction history as its first part had surprised the Indian audience with the hi-tech use of technology. Adding to the flavor was an interesting story that kept the audience intact. The movie was praised and liked everywhere. The movie had earned good collections and was also praised by the critics.

ROBOT 2.0 Release Date Wordwide

Definitely the audience is waiting for the second round of science fiction mania in the country. Its director Shankar has started to chalk out the plan for the sequel soon after the successful response from the first one. 

There are a lot of things going on in the movie circles about the story, star cast and expense of the movie. Because of the high standards set by Robot, certainly the audience expects that next movie to be even more interesting. Like the first movie had all elements of a good movie – songs, story, thrill, climax, etc., the audience has started imaging the scope and impact of the next movie.

Robot 2 shooting kicked off in December 2015. Below is the first look of Akshay Kumar first look as baddie in Robot 2:

ROBOT 2.O Release Date:

In Robot’s sequel, the role of Superstar Rajinikanth is expected to be far more formidable. It is important since Rajinikanth also needs a role to uplift the magic he created after the launch of the first part. All of sudden his fame went viral everywhere. There were endless jokes created in his name over the internet. Will that magic return in the second part?

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It remains to be seen. Rajinikanth has a history of roping in the best of the Bollywood co-stars. He has worked with leading heroines from Bollywood. In the sequel, he is again working with some of the best stars in the industry.

Like Robot had taken over two years to complete, the second part is taking much more time. It has taken a considerable time to hit the Box Office. Robot 2 is schedule to release in 2018. We will update the official release date as soon as announced including trailer and music.

Robot 2 features Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar who will play the role of antagonist in the film.

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