Top 5 Virat Kohli Girlfriend Name 2018 (With photos)

Virat Kohli Girlfriend : Top 5 Virat Kohli Girlfriend Name With Photos Of 2018. Virat kohli  is India’s big Star cricketer and youth icon of every cricket player or cricket lover. Virat Kohli is Grabbing Day by Day New records in International cricket and also in his personal life by increasing numbers of Girlfriend. 

Virat Kohli scoring massive run on field and  also increasing a list his girl friend off field. Recently BCCI Allowed Virat Kohli to company his Recent Girlfriend Anushka Sharma on England Tour. Both were seen enjoying After match in Free time. 

Hot smart cricketer Virat Kohli is continuously increasing his fan following and it can be judged From his recent affair, not only Indian are liking but Even he is gaining popularity world. Last month English Player Danielle Wyatt is so impressed by Virat Kohli  she openly tweeted  virat Kohli marry me.Here below Enjoy Virat Kohli Top 5 Girlfriend photos and name :

Rank 5 – Virat Kohli Girl friend  Tammanah Bhatia

Virat Kohli is Scene with Tammanah Bhatia or his so called Girlfriend of 2018, both came closer after mobile phone advertisement and their relationship started after that. Dashing Virat Kohli and Tammanah Bhatia relationship is known by every one  but they never revealed their relationship publicly. Rumors came they are in relationship but none of them responds to these rumors and hence which makes people to speak more about them.

Rank 4  Virat Kohli Girlfriend Sakshi

Virat Kohli India Cricket big name and youth icon and stylish dude is scene with Sakshi. Sakshi is virat kohli so called girlfriend and Rumours came that both are in relationships and scene many times dating. Virat Kohli is well settled batsman and Future of Indian Cricket or we can say he is Future of Cricket world. Virat is named as next sachin tendulkar, while sakshi is struggling bollywood actress.  Sakhsi and Virat Kohli chemistry went viral and but both never revealed their relation ships officialy.

Rank 3 Virat Kohli Girl friend Sarah Janes Daas 

Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli king of Indian hearts and specially king of every Indian Girls. but now Virat kohli’s fever going world wide and can be judged from virat kohli’s girlfriend list. Sarah Jane Dias a Indian  actress model vj former Beauty queen and Femina 2007 is scene Dating crickter  Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli and Sarah Jane Dias Relationship is viral on internet and trending on internet. both are Partying together, going cosy dates and Romantic Night Dinner. both First Time meet at sky bar bang lore in party and introduced by common friend of both. Sarah Friends confirms That Sarah is always on Phone and her friends tease her. but they never officially Disclosed about their about their relationships.

Rank 2 Virat Kohli Girlfriend Izabelle Leite

Virat Kohli and Izabelle Leite seen shopping singapore, which creates rumors about their relationship.  Virat Kohli  shopping leaves Hungry Media for their Gossips but when In press conference Virat Kohli left Without answering any thing. The model has shifted her base to mumbai and she regularly visit Delhi to  meet Virat Kohli. when 22 year old Brazillian Model Izabelle Leite  asked about their relationship, she Replied i don’t care about  these type of rumors, it happen always when i chill out with my Good friends it happens every where. I can not do anything whatever they Write and speak, it doesn’t matter.

Rank 1 Virat Kohli Girlfriend Anushka sharma

Anushka Sharma Smiling Queen of Bollywood and Star Cricketer Virat Kohli are in relationship and Every one knows about it. Its not a hidden Rumors Even. Virat Kohli is dating his Recent Girlfriend Anushka sharma. Recently In England BCCI allowed Anushka sharma to stay with Virat Kohli on england tour, both were seen Enjoying their Spare time In England. Earlier also after Bangladesh Tour Virat Kohli Wenty Sri lanka to meet Anushka sharma where she is busy  in shooting for several days. They both stayed in same hotels and both were sure they would not get clicked. Few Months ago Anushka Flied to New Zealand  to meet Virat Kohli during India’s tour of New Zealand.
How ever when asked to Anushka sharma she replied No virat Kohli is not dating  me, we are just friends and brought up very nicely. yes when he is in Mumbai  Virat  visit my place meet me, which is pretty normal, when you are friends you meet each other and meeting friends is not Relationships.
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