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Robot 2.0 Full Movie Watch Online HD and Collection Box Office Report: The leaked robot 2 movie trailer shows birds circling cellular phone towers and mobile phones flying far away from the shelves of a salesroom. This, in addition to movie industry star Akshay Kumar's 1st look of a mutant bird within the film, suggests that film is regarding cellular phone tower radiation that has caused some adverse effects on birds.

Robot 2.0 Movie

The laugh line of the film, 'The world isn't just for humans' additionally supports this speculation. Is that the film than like the blockbuster 'Planet of the Apes', Hollywood movie with birds taking their revenge on us?

Robot 2.0 Full Movie Download Watch Online HD

In the teaser that was leaked, a face of Akshay Kumar seems made digitally with lots of cellphones, and director S.Shankar might need to be taken some inspiration from 'iRobot,' during which VIKI the robot (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) takes management of all the robots. During this case, Akshay Kumar appears to be taking control of all the cell phones associated with launching an attack on humans. We will have to a look ahead to the film to check if the assumptions on the plot of the movie are correct.

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Robot 2.0 Full Movie Story | Is Shankar's '2.0' regarding mobile phones radiation?

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar-starring  ‘2.0 Movie’ is touted to be one in all the most significant movies within the history of Indian cinema. Whereas the initial look and also the audio of the film have already created waves of pleasure, fans area unit thirstily awaiting a visible treat.
Robot 2 Full Movie

Going by the first look stills, the official making-of videos, the operating stills and also the unfinished teaser of the film, that got leaked recently, it's like director Shankar's film is regarding radiation caused attributable to free usage, and it's facet effects.

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s Robot 2.0: Times once the film created headlines

An incomplete video from Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar starring ‘2.0’ found its method on-line. The video with low graphics and just got leaked on the net. Several on social media immediately shared the leaked footage that is around forty-four seconds long. Although there have been few Who were elated to induce a glimpse of the Tamil whizz within the teaser, most of them were extraordinarily sad by the leak.

Robot 2.0 Akshay Kumar
Movie critics and buffs already criticized this alleged leak stressing on however such a large amount of years of diligence of technicians goes vainly in a jiffy.

Rajinikanth’s girl Soundarya Rajinikanth slammed the act on her Twitter account,
“Leaking content online before the official shouldn't be TOLERATED or inspired ! this is often a heartless act ignoring diligence, efforts and sentiments of the manufacturers for few seconds of pleasure !!! #BeAshamed #StopPiracy #StopMisusingDigitalMedium.”

Shankar's '2.0 Movie' star whizz Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, guarantees associate out of the globe visual expertise in addition to action stunts and sequences that match international standards. That is not it; there is another factor the audience can witness- Khiladi Akshay obtaining punched by Rajinikanth.

Robot 2.0 Full Movie HD Download Trailer - Official trailer Release Date of Robot 2

Talking regarding constant, Akshay reportedly disclosed that after, whereas waiting on the set for the continuous shot, Rajinikanth brushed away some dirt off his white pants and also the entire unit was "awestruck" by, however "stylishly" he did it. Akshay went on to feature that he even "enjoyed obtaining punched" by the South whizz.

Robot 2.0 Movie trailer

Just like the remainder folks, Akshay Kumar too may be a rock-ribbed Rajinikanth fan and confessed that Thalaiva is "the only one within the business Who possesses swag."

'2.0' is claimed to be one the first expensive films created in the Republic of India so far and is regular to unharness worldwide in April 2018.

As the manufacturers of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's '2.0' are becoming able to launch the film's teaser before long, they got the joy going by inflating the new air balloon that was used throughout the film’s America promotions, this point around in Tamil Nadu. The balloon was among the various seen at the curtain raiser of the International Balloon pageant command in Pollachi close to Coimbatore

Directed by Shankar, ‘2.0’ may be a sequel to 2010 blockbuster ‘Robot’ (‘Enthiran’) that had Aishwarya Rai Bachchan because of the actress.

Apart from being his Tamil debut, the film additionally marks Akshay’s 1st collaboration with South whizz Rajinikanth. The formidable project, believed to be one in all the most significant movies within the history of Indian cinema, was reportedly created on a budget of over Rs 350 large integer.

It sees Rajinikanth enjoying doctor-scientist Vaseegaran whereas Akshay plays a man of science referred to as Dr. Richard, Who turns into a Crow Man when an associate experiment goes wrong. ‘Robot 2.0 Full Movie’ additionally options Amy Jackson in a very leading role.

Fans sad Regarding 2.0 teaser leak 

It looks like fans of whizz Rajinikanth area unit quite upset regarding robot 2.0 movie teaser leak. Associate unfinished video with temporary graphics got leaked on the net. Several on social media immediately shared the leaked footage that is around forty-four seconds long. Although there have been some fans Who were elated to induce a glimpse of their Thalaivar within the teaser, most of them were extraordinarily sad by this act.

Movie critics and buffs already criticized thia alleged leak stressing on however such a large amount of years of diligence of technicians goes vainly in a jiffy.

Soundarya Rajinikanth slammed the act on her micro-blogging page, 
“Leaking content online before the official shouldn't be TOLERATED or inspired ! this is often a heartless act ignoring diligence, efforts and sentiments of the manufacturers for few seconds of pleasure !!! #BeAshamed #StopPiracy #StopMisusingDigitalMedium.”

Robot 2.0 Full Movie Cast Crew and Music

The cast and crews of Robot 2.0 includes superstar Rajnikant, khiladi Akshay Kumar and hot Amy Jackson. Superstar Rajinikanth is playing a double role in the Movie as Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti the robot. Khiladi Akshay is showing the negative tendencies in his position while the hot Amy Jackson is the heroine in the movie. Another actress lead was rumored by some sources, but the makers denied the same.

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Robot 2 Movie Cast Crew and Music

2.0 has  RajnikanthAkshay Kumar and Amy Jackson enjoying the lead roles and honor winner AR Rahman composing the music. it had been solely recently that Rajinikanth’s Kaala teaser was leaked.
  • Rajinikanth as Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti.
  • Akshay Kumar as Dr. Richard.
  • Amy Jackson.
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Bohra Junior.
  • Adil Hussain
  • Kalabhavan Shajohn.
  • Riyaz Khan.
  • Kaizaad Kotwal as Ranjeet Lulla.
  • Maya S. Krishnan.

Superstar Rajinikanth, Khiladi Akshay Kumar's Faceoff in 2.0 New Still can Leave You Excited for the Film

A new exposure of Rajinikanth's forthcoming film 2.0 been discharged. Film Trade Analyst Ramesh Bala shared a replacement image from the much-anticipated movie wherever Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth face one another. Rajinikanth, Who vie Chitti, a golem in Enthiran is seen in nearly constant look.

Robot 2 Full Movie Budget

The budget of Robot 2.0 is the price of four hundred crores. This is often the original Asian film with such an enormous budget and can be discharged on 7000 screens worldwide. Akshay Kumar is going to be seen as a villain in the movie. Alan Lashbrook and Art department have designed the costume and Wardrobe being handled by art director Luca Nemolato  and T.Muthuraj, Jeyamohan, Nirav Shah. The graphics have been included by Justin Bertges of Mold Department at Quantum Creation VFX. Billionaire Subaskaran Allirajah has produced the film at a whopping budget of 350 crores under the banner of Lyca productions. For more details read the Robot 2 budget

The film was earlier aforementioned to be discharged on Jan twenty-six however later shifted to Pan American Day than any to April twenty-seven. This is often the country's most expensive 3D film up to now. The movie is directed fully by S.Shankar and has superstar Rajinikanth, khiladi Akshay Kumar, and hot Amy Jackson in lead heroine. Legendry musician AR Rahman has composed all the music for the film.

The Robot 2 Full Movie music launch program

The music of robot 2 movie launch program that was a command in Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building was full forged of the film as well as Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, AR Rahman.

Akshay Kumar & Rajinikanth's 2.0 teaser leaked online producers decision it 'heartless act.'

The hugely anticipated teaser of whizz Rajinikanth’s 2.0 Movie, Rs 450 considerable integer work of art, was leaked on Sunday, abundant to the shock of its manufacturers and fans alike. Inside minutes of the leak, the teaser went microorganism and also the video has been circulated on social media and Whatsapp. The line of work it a “heartless act,” Soundarya Rajinikanth, producer and superstar’s girl, expressed her chafe over the leak of teaser via her Twitter handle. “Leaking content online before the official unharness not be tolerated or inspired. this is often a cruel act ignoring diligence, efforts and sentiments of the manufacturers for few seconds of pleasure.”

Robot 2 Full Movie

While the manufacturer's area unit, however, to zero in on the supply of the leak, they’re reaching to take strict action against those answerable for the hole. “We’re still unsure however the teaser got leaked. It’s not even the ultimate product as it’s simply a raw cut of the teaser with unfinished VFX shots. See Rajnikanth’s 2.0 First Look Launch: Vfx Much Bigger Than Robot and Baahubali. The Whole team is appalled that it had been recorded by somebody and discharged on-line. We’re reaching to take strict action against Whoever that was answerable for this leak,” supply from the film’s unit told Firstpost. This is often the second instance in a very span of merely few days that a teaser of a Rajinikanth film was leaked. Earlier in the week, hours before its official unharness, Kaala teaser got leaked and also the manufacturers were forced to unharness the official teaser well prior the regular time.

Robot 2 Movie Full Release Date India Pakistan Worldwide

Robot 2 Release Date: The release of Robot 2 is postponed and now all set to hit theater on 25 January 2018. After Enthiran which earned the reputation of excellent graphics driving subtle inspiration from robotics laws that include millions of megabytes, the movie is set to be the 2nd one in the series to thrill the Indian audience who are looking for si-fi movie matching the standards of present Hollywood.

Robot 2 Full Movie Development

The film was scheduled to be launched grandly on 12 December 2015 which also happened to be the birthday of Rajni, but the same was avoided due to floods in South India, and a small launch was done on 7 December 2015 at AVM studios. The shooting began at set created in Chennai at EVP world on 16 December.

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Being directed by Shankar, 2.0 additionally stars Akshay Kumar because the antagonist, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey and Adil Hussain. So far, the manufacturers have solely discharged a handful of Robot 2 Movie poster and a creating video. The film’s teaser is anticipated to be discharged in a {very} grand event in Hyderabad very before long. However, the manufacturers area unit however to create an officer announcement relating to constant. Recently, Shankar took to twitter to let fans apprehend that employment is presently happening on the teaser. 
“The teaser work of 2.0 goes on fully swing at Mob Scene, l.  a.  . It involves ton of CG (Computer Graphics), therefore once it's done, the teaser are going to be discharged.”

Robot 2.0 Movie VFX and Effect

Meanwhile, the discharge of Robot 2.0 vfx has been delayed from twenty-seven April. If the grapevine is something to by, the team is eyeing for a fifteen August unharness. “The VFX work in the movie has took much more longer than it hoped to be as a result of it's been distributed to several studios across the world. The movie has about 11000k VFX scens, and every chance is being worked upon with a ton of care. Shankar sir doesn’t wish to compromise on the output; thus, he didn’t mind missing the April unharness date. The team is eyeing Fourth of July weekend unharness. The final year remains being puzzled out,” a supply had told Firstpost.

Rajinikanth’s 2.0 teaser leaked, the video goes microorganism on social media

First Kaala movie collection and currently 2.0, the web pranksters area unit sure enough giving powerful time to whizz Rajinikanth. Earlier in the week, Kaala’s teaser was leaked online before its official launch. Now, hazy footage from the work of art 2.0 has been leaked online..

Robot 2 Full Movie Musics:

The music handled by legendary musician A R Rahman who has won several Filmfare awards till now, 2 academy awards and also a the Padma Bhushan for his lagecy. One of the recent press releases also features Oscar award winner Resul Pookutty as the sound designer.

Robot 2 Costume And Special Effects

While Enthiran 1 had received a lot of recognition for its special effects, excellent costumes, and makeup. It was also appreciated for its balance between special effects and masala action. Rajnikant had done remarkable work to be applauded by one and all; the 2.0 sequence is also expected to be a special effects thriller. Rajnikant’s famous introductory dialogue  “Hi, I’m Chitti, speed one terahertz, memory one zettabyte” continues to reverberate the Cinematics scene before the release of Robot 2.0.

Mary T Vogt of MIB fame has designed unique costumes. Stunt choreographer Kenny Bates and visual effects specialists John Hughes and Walt Jones have also worked for the film in their respective departments.

Watch Robot 2 Trailer

Watch the HD trailer of the release of Robot 2 aka 2.0

The teaser of the film Robot 2.0 was regular to be discharged within the coming weeks. However, the teaser was leaked online on Sunday itself, that has gone microorganism.

Most of the fans don’t appear to be very happy when giving an observance the leaked trailer. A number of them area unit even requesting others not to watch it, whereas others say their excitement has been killed. Withal, it’s too late to prevent the folks from catching a glimpse of the leaked teaser.

Robot 2 Movie 5 Facts

  1. Khiladi Akshay kumar has charged 25 billion INR for his role.
  2. Robot 2.0 will be made with a budget of 350 crore INR
  3. Akshay Kumar accepted that he would love to get punched by Thalaiva in his role in the film and admired the latter as a legendary actor and a wonderful human being.
  4. The film sequel marked the debut of Legacy effects, an American special effects studio for animatronics effects and prosthetic makeup.
  5. Robot 2 First Official Look To Be Launch At Special Event Hosted By Karan Johar

Rajinikanth robot  2.0 movie Release date delayed another time

Rajinikanth starring  Robot 2.0 is one in all the first hoped-for movies of 2018. As per latest updates the film that was expected to hit screens on April twenty-seven when multiple rescheduling within the past has been delayed another time. It's detected that the manufacturers had to vary dates attributable to delay in intensive VFX work.

Robot 2.0 Movie Full Movie

If reports area unit to be believed the manufacturer's area unit was presently eyeing two unharness dates, Fourth of July or Diwali, as they feel this 2 area unit the first ordinary vacation weekends. But an officer confirmation relating to constant is, however, to come back. Meantime Rajinikanth’s ‘Kaala’ is equipped to hit screens on April twenty-seven.

Directed by Shankar '2.0' is going to be discharged in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Created on a lavish budget of Rs. 450 large integer the film has Amy Jackson because of the female lead. Akshay Kumar is that the antagonist in the film. The film’s music is by AR Rahman.
Robot 2.0: forged unaware of unharnessing date, manufacturers face the clash with Aamir for Diwali release?
Director Shankar, Who is helming two notable films, 2.0’ and ‘Indian 2’, has proclaimed that ‘Indian 2’ star Kamal Haasan can maintain floors before long. However, no one is bound once Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starring ‘2.0’ can unharness.

While reports explicit that ‘2.0’ may be associate Fourth of July or Diwali unharness, movie industry Life is pretty assured that the film may be a Diwali unharness.

Robot 2 Movie vs. Thugs of Hindustan Collection will Clash

But will a film unharness with none drama this year? Therefore the portal goes on to report that Aamir Khan has reserved the date for his ‘Thugs Of Hindostan,’ and Lyca Productions desires to avoid the clash as a result of they reportedly feel the films won’t be able to show their potential on the screen if there's a clash.

A supply told the portal, 
“The manufacturers wish to unharness ‘2.0’ throughout Diwali so that they tried to debate things with Aamir Khan as his film ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ is regular to unharness on a regular day. However, Aamir aforementioned a powerful no after they 1st approached him. The actor feels Diwali is that the excellent time to unharness ‘Thugs’ and thus, he's holding on to the date.”

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But the supply any processed that Rajini intervened, saying, 
“After Rajinikanth created a decision, the talks have resumed and each Lyca and Aamir at the side of Yash rule Films area unit reckoning if one thing is often done.”

Adil Hussain, Who is additionally a part of the film, is uninformed regarding the discharge date. In a very twitter chat, once asked regarding ‘2.0’s unharness date, the actor mentioned, “No idea.. additionally it's a Faulty Statement to mention my film. It's @superstarrajini 's film. I'm a section of it. we tend to area unit all Dwarf before of him.” Here’s his tweet:

‘2.0’ was earlier reportable to unharness on twenty-seventh April. However, Rajinikanth’s film ‘Kaala Karikaalan’s unharness has been proclaimed on a regular day.

Robot 2 Movie Collection Expectation Prediction Report

Rajinikanth Robot 2 box office prediction, Akshay Kumar's 2.0 faces expectations enthusiastically when Baahubali 2, Dangal's success. The mega worldwide success of SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2: The Conclusion and Aamir Khan’s Dangal, has placed the spotlight on Lyca Productions. They're the producers of the Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starring, 2.0 (directed by Shankar), regular for a worldwide unharness on twenty-five Jan 2018 in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu — just in time for the grand Republic Day weekend.

Robot 2 Movie Collection Expectation Prediction Report

Lyca Productions is harassed from Rajinikanth fans and also the trade to create 2.0 an even bigger hit than Baahubali 2. It's touted to be one in all the last releases of Rajinikanth, Who is currently equipped to step into a distinct avatar — that of an officer. As of now, the superstar’s Kaala, that shooting remains happening, can solely unharness within the summer of 2018. Hence, lots are riding on 2.0. Baahubali 2 has grossed quite Rajinikanth’s uncomparable blockbuster Enthiran (aka Robot) and overwhelmed its seven-year-old record within the superstar’s home turf: Tamil Nadu.

Robot 2 movie Box office collection

Earlier, the individual records 2.0 would have had to would are those for Rajinikanth’s Enthiran and his last unharness Kabali. But within the post-Baahubali two eras, things area unit different and also the expectation meter has tried and true the roof.

Robot 2 Movie Collection all day report

  • Robot 2 1st day box office collection - Update soon* 
  • Robot 2 2nd day box office collection - Update soon 
  • Robot 2 3rd day box office collection - Update soon 
  • Robot 2 4th box office collection - Update soon 
  • Robot 2 5th box office collection - Update soon 
  • Robot 2 1st weekend box office collection - Update soon

Ultimately count, Baahubali 2's worldwide gross stood at around Rs one,684 large integer (after fifty days of its theatrical release) whereas Dangal was inching towards the Rs 2,000 large integer mark (having already attained Rs one,930 large integer at the time of business enterprise this column) due to its elephantine business in China. Compared to Baahubali2 and Dangal, the worldwide market of Rajinikanth’s last unharness Kabali was around Rs 600 large integer — not even within the Rs a thousand large integer club! 

Here you can see Robot 2.0 Box Office Collection (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Week)  Full Report.{All Update} Robot 2 Full Movie Star Cast, Release Date,

2.0's production prices and pre-release business area unit already being compared to Baahubali 2. currently the substantial question being asked within the trade and on social media is whether or not the combined power of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar are going to be able to return close to or surpass the blockbuster business of Baahubali 2 and Dangal. Already, the alphabetic character has bought the 2.0 television system rights all told three languages it's cathartic for a humongous Rs one hundred ten large integer — entirely what Baahubali 2 was purchased for.

In the second week of a Gregorian calendar month, Anil Thadani’s AA Films — that distributed Baahubali 2 at the side of Karan Johar’s Hindu deity Productions — took over the Hindi/North Republic of India distribution rights for Robot 2 movie Collection 2.0. As per sources, it's a distribution deal whereby AA Films can do the theatrical distribution of the film in North Republic of India territories for Lyca Production on a commission basis. Raju Mahalingam, the creative head of Lyca Productions tweeted: “Glad to announce our association with AA Films. Lyca Productions to distribute the Hindi version of 2.0 through AA films of Bahubali 2 fame”. However, there area unit unconfirmed rumors that AA Films has purchased the rights on associate MG of Rs eighty large integer.

Robot 2 movie collection

Lyca Productions has aforementioned that 2.0 is that the costliest Indian film created up to now, at Rs four hundred large integer, that is over the combined budget of Baahubali 2 and Dangal.

Speaking with this author in an exclusive associate interview, Raju Mahalingam aforementioned, “The robot 2.0 movie shooting is over. Currently, we tend to do camera work and VFX in progressive studios within the America and different places. The film will be in 3D and can have a grand audio launch in port someday in Oct, and that’s why we tend to had earlier (made a mention) a couple of '3D Diwali'. Already, we've puzzled out associate association with AA Films for the Hindi distribution in the Northern Republic of India. within the south, we'll be distributing it ourselves, through our ne2rk of trusty distributors.”

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Lyca Productions is designing a primary of its kind meet-and-greet '2.0 3D Mela' in Madras within the 1st week of July 2017. The invitees would come with south theatre homeowners, 3D instrumentality makers from glass manufacturers to projectors, and bankers. Raju Mahalingam aforementioned,
“The plan is to create additional theatres across the south 3D enabled with the most recent sound technology. By the time Robot 2.0 release date worldwide, at least 1,000 new screens ought to have the most recent 3D instrumentality. These days in China, there's a craze for 3D films. It has 40,000 odd screens — out of that ten,000 area unit 3D equipped.”

Raju agrees that Baahubali 2 and Dangal have spread out the market and currently they need scaled-up expectations and area unit figuring out new ways. The excitement is that 2.0 in 3D can have so much superior camera work and VFX than Baahubali 2. And relating to the genres being different (sci-fi vs. mythology), Raju Mahalingam pointed out:
“Let Maine build it clear, robot two movie possesses an emotional core and worth which can attract all sections of the audiences. Shankar may be a director Who invariably encompasses a robust emotional message all told his films, and here it's a universal message — that is that the globe isn't just for humans.”
Robot 2.0 Movie

Lyca Productions goes all bent woo the overseas market. When the exceptional success of Dangal in China, several Chinese distributors try to obtain 2.0 as they feel it's the proper mixture of sci-fi, emotional core, and 3D. Says Raju Mahalingam,
 “The overseas market is that the game changer for Indian films as evidenced by recent hits. We tend to also are wanting to expand in key overseas markets wherever there's potential — like Brazil, France, Japan, and peninsula. Our marketing research has shown that sci-fi is that the beloved genre in several countries like Brazil and doubtless we'll have a Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese at the side of the Chinese version, hit the screens at the same time. we tend to area unit in talks with native partners Who have connections with our parent company Lyca mobiles to create the Robot 2.0 unharness the world.”

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Raju says, contrary to plug rumors that tell Kaala's unharness are going to be advanced whereas 2.0 are going to be delayed to the summer of 2018, the team intends to stay to Republic Day weekend unharness. However, Raju refuses to debate the numbers and projection. He concludes:
“We wish to create 2.0 the crouched Tiger Hidden Dragon from the Republic of India.”